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The young King of Inisheoda, Oisin, is threatened by an old enemy. Oriel, King of Inishfraoch. What unholy tricks has Oriel up his sleeve this time? Where can Oisin find help against an unbeatable enemy?
Celtic Fantasy, Fantasy Geralyn Rownan
€ 15.00
The Second Island Wars had ended and the islands had been at peace and ready to prosper at last. Oriel, king of Inishfraoch, had been banished to the Underworld. But he had escaped his fate. With help ... Will the murderous ambitions of the druid Maelog combined with his mastery of dark magic and his unholy alliance with the deposed king set in motion another war? Someone else is also setting jealous eyes on the Islands and in particular Oisín, the young king of Inishlaochra and his beautiful wife Elise. Beset by these enemies, Inishlaochra must also face another unholy...
Celtic Fantasy, Fantasy Geralyn Rownan
€ 17.06

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