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The Collection of the Yearly Strange is a short story collection that details terrifying encounters throughout history into the future. These tales will take you from the gas lit streets of early 20th century London to the Mid Western US at the height of the Cold War and then towards the deepest depths of the Atlantic Ocean and even to the furthest reaches of the Alpha Centauri.
Compilations Declan Cosson
€ 5.04
further selection of pieces by Harry Browne, written in the company of the Inkslingers
Compilations Harry Browne
€ 16.97
A Barrow of Frogs
A collection of pieces from the keyboard of Harry Browne, written mainly during half hour sessions of the Inkslingers Writers Group in The Irish Writers Centre located on Parnell Square, in the new literary centre of Dublin City
Compilations Harry Browne
€ 15.00
Accessible provoking thought and laughter... Reverent Relevant Irreverent Accessible poetry Thought provoking When not joking.
Compilations Shea Walsh
€ 12.90

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