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Life can be hard enough when growing up in Belfast. Unfortunately Kat likes to live on the edge a little. Mingling with a dodgy crowd that regularly dabble in drugs and criminal activities. The leader of this gang is Jenny. A rather unstable young woman, with a bad temper and a hatred of all things Catholic.
Fiction Gerard Byrne
€ 10.00
Haunted by lost loves and limping through a lifeless career, Conor Finnegan's discontent mirrors the restlessness of his grandfather Liam, caught as a young man in the crossfire of the Irish Civil War.
Fiction Greg Fields
Arc of the Comet, a lyrical, evocative examination of promise, potential and loss, follows Conor Finnegan, a handsome, charismatic, athletic young man, and Tom McIlweath, a shy and insecure Everyman desperately seeking harmony and acceptance.
Fiction, Novel Greg Fields
€ 12.00

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