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In the grim dark future of the 24th century, the harsh, regimented and pragmatic state of Terra has been trapped for what seems like a forever war against robotic machines which were created to end World War Three. Drafted into its superhuman army, the Legion, nineteen year old Zach Harker is paired with the battle hardened "Alpha Squad" or "Team Orca", a team of commandos who are thrown into the most dangerous situations in battle.   As he navigates the brutal world of the human-machine war, Zach finds his virtues and principles put to the test, often having to choose between...
Science Fiction Declan Cosson
€ 27.34
Messing with Time has consequences! Mick Brennan and his companions discover some of those consequences in a series of bizarre adventures culminating in a surprise conclusion
Science Fiction Harry Browne
€ 5.00
A mature science fiction and adventure tale that explores both scientific innovation and the human condition against a backdrop of fun, danger, and military life in the far future. Viewed chiefly through the eyes of its main character who suffers through an unspeakable experience which in turn opens her eyes to an unimaginable alternate life.
Science Fiction Miguel Angel Rivera Jr.
€ 5.50
This book is the second in the "Pivotal Universe" series. It continues the adventures of General Darlene DiBenedetto and her team of paranormal, time travelling, soldiers. Our audience gets a glimpse of the struggles of our main characters' daily lives as well as those of an immortal, super-powered society some six hundred years in the future.
Science Fiction Miguel Angel Rivera Jr.
€ 6.00
Book three of the Pivotal Universe series continues the daring adventures of General Darlene DiBenedetto and her crew. We glimpse into the lives, motivations, and secrets of Pat Goins, Supreme Commander Nala, and the insidious War Secretary, Richard T. Beefus.
Science Fiction Miguel Angel Rivera Jr.
€ 10.00

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