The line is bad, I can’t hear you Gay,

I can hear you fine, so fire away,

I feel so bad, I wish I was dead,

You should see the sunrise up at Howth Head,

Listen Gay, there’s a lot at stake,

I must stop you there, time for a break,

O Gay you know you’re the housewife’s choice,

Thanks Mrs A you’ve a very young voice,

Well Gay, I really can’t agree,

You mean to say you’d contradict me,
Doesn’t everyone know that I’m never wrong,
Get back to the sink, it’s where you belong,
Now I could have gone to the U.S.A.
But lucky for you, I decided to stay,
For how could you manage without little me,
With no Late Late Show, no Rose of Tralee,
With no morning show things would grind to a halt,
And then you would say it was all Gaybo’s fault,
So hush little woman, and dry off your tears,
Like tax and the poor, I’ll be with you for years.