Inkslingers is a Dublin writing Group who get together on a weekly basis to write at Irish Writers Centre. We write for half an hour to a prompt and then read out what we’ve written. You will be nicely surprised by the encouragement, but you don’t have to read, you can just sit back and listen. We don’t insist that you restrict yourself to the prompt or that you read what you’ve just written, you can read something you brought along that you’ve been working on.

We provide our own prompts, usually of our own invention. Often, they take the fairly standard form of a phrase, an image, a story beginning etc. However, we have also used photos/paintings; curios; items of clothing etc!

We are not a group in the sense of a members’ list and criteria for entry, or terms of reference. A lot of us are just regulars at the Writers Centre but other than that we are a mixed group in terms age, gender, city/country, nationality and so on. We are drawn together by our desire to write and to be in the company of others who share our passion. New people will be asked to adhere to GDPR rules and confirm that they agree to having their email addresses added to our mailing list.

Different members have evolved to have different roles e.g., the person who usually organises the room and manages the session; the person who usually takes care of this site; the person who usually organises extracurricular activities, but there is no leader or committee etc.

Our writing sessions are firstly, all about the writing and secondly, positive and encouraging. We seek out what we like in each other’s work and if we’ve nothing good to say, we say nothing.

We meet at the Writers Centre on Saturdays at 1 o’clock for a 1.30 start. the cost of the sessions is free to Writers Centre members, though some contributing between €3 and €5. The charge to non-members is €5 per session. At other venues, when the Centre is closed (for bank holiday Saturdays normally) a small charge for a room may apply.